Trip: Ottawa International Animation Festival

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Trip: Ottawa International Animation Festival
Date: September 21, 2016 РSeptember 25, 2016
Number of Attendees: 9


The Ottawa International Animation Festival is held in Ottawa, Canada and our group packed into two minivans to trek out to this amazing place and event! The drive was about 12 hours and the road trip was incredible. We had our first real Tim Horton’s experience the second we crossed the border, as we all met up to ensure we all entered Canada with no problem. Our first night, we settled in, grabbed our passes, and took a walk around the city. Bonnie Mitchell, our faculty advisor, showed us around Ottawa, as she had been there for the festival many times. We visited a tavern and grill place for dinner and went over to our first screening of many of the next few days. We would split up and rejoin with people depending on which events we wanted to attend, but no one ever walked alone. There were usually about three options for everyone to go to, save for the hotel or sight seeing. Besides animation screenings and award screenings, there were also artist talks given by industry professionals (such as the makers of the Disney Pixar short “Piper” and “Inner Workings”. They gave insight into how the film was made as well as the inspiration behind environments and characters used in their pieces. In the basement of one of the locations (a church) was a job fair where we could meet local businesses in Ottawa looking for artists to hire. We also attended the Nickelodeon Biz Day where we saw shows that were still being worked on and were able to meet the directors and animators of those shows while having some breakfast. Lunch was spent at the Cartoon Network Picnic where we met up with a BGSU alumni, Jeff Simonetta, and his class from The Cleveland Institute of Art. ¬†Outside of the art related parts of this trip, we also had the opportunity to experience the local food locations, the amazing bookstore in Ottawa, and look through a few marketplaces in search of souvenirs. We finished up our trip with a stop at Cora’s Diner for breakfast before hitting the road for our 12 hour drive back.



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