Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham Lecture and Workshop

Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham Lecture

Artist Talk: Pixel Progressions in Art & Design

Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham is an artist and designer, based in Long Beach, CA. Blending new technologies with a traditional art background, Sheri has used computers in her artistic practice for over 35 years. Her work includes mixed media/digital paintings and wall sculptures, graphic design and creative production. A graduate of California State University Long Beach in Studio Art, Sheri first exhibited her digital fine art in the 1988 ACM SIGGRAPH Art Show, and has been an independent graphic designer since 1993.

Lecture Friday, April 6
5 – 6pm Room
1101 Fine Arts Center

Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham Workshop

Workshop: Transparent Visions in Digital Printing & Collage

An exploration of digital printing on thin/transparent grounds, that can then be used to build up layered collages on unusual surfaces. Students will work with the Theme of Layered Landscapes.

Friday, April 6, 2018
11:30am – 3:30pm
Lunch will be provided
244 Wolfe Center

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