Meet the Officers


President – Jack Spencer

Jack Spencer is a Digital Arts major at the Bowling Green State University specializing in 2D concept art and illustration. He aspires to pursue a career in environmental concept art for the interactive entertainment industry.



Vice President – Megan Miazgowicz

Megan Miazgowicz is a senior digital arts student that specializes in storytelling, character design and animation preproduction. She is working on an honors project merging her interest in  herpetology and character design.




Treasurer – Joshua Drouillard

Josh Drouillard is a junior Digital Arts student focusing on 3D animation.


Web and Social Media Coordinator  – Delaney Borchers




PR Secretaries – Hailey Ameling and Erin Reen





Recording Secretary – X’zandra Tammerine

Trip Coordinator – Rachel Sykes