Meet the Officers

President – Joshua Drouillard

Josh Drouillard is a junior Digital Arts major focusing on 3D Animation.

Vice President – Rachel Sykes

Rachel Sykes is a sophomore Studio Arts major and Business Management minor. She is a nationally recognized artist involved in many on and off-campus art programs, with a focus in Drawing and Illustration.  Her aspirations for the future include working towards a master’s degree, and working as either a professor or creative director.

Treasurer – Rachel Immel

Rachel Immel is a junior Digital Arts major.

Web and Social Media Coordinator  – Matthew England

Matthew England is a junior Digital Arts major.

PR Secretaries – Erin Reen

Recording Secretary – X’zandra Tammerine

Trip Coordinator – Marisa Kreinbihl

Marisa Kreinbihl is a junior Digital Arts major.