Meet the Officers

President – Kiarra Reynolds

Kiarra is a senior studying Digital Arts. She currently has a focus on concept art and illustration. Post-graduation she hopes to open her own store to sell a variety of original pieces and prints.

Vice President – Noah Diehl

Noah is a senior pursuing a BFA in Digital Arts. They enjoy animation and 3D modeling and are looking for a career in rapid prototyping.

Treasurer – Renae Kapelka

Renae Kapelka is a third year Digital Arts major with a focus in 3D animation and story development. She also loves designing fun and unique characters, and creating illustrations based on topics important to her. She hopes to find a career in either the videogame or film industry working on animations or concept work. One day she hopes to be creating her own inspiring stories that will brighten people’s day.

Web and Social Media Coordinator  – Sam Richardson

Sam is a third year Digital Arts major focusing on 3D. He plans on working on films and animations upon graduation. In his free time he likes to read, run, cook, and learn Spanish.

PR Secretary – Felix Bangert

Felix is a 4th year Digital Arts, Animation student. He loves to spend his free time creating digital illustrations, animations, and music! His favorite food at the moment is Chicken Tikka Masala.

Event Coordinator – Claudia Hoerr

Claudia Hoerr is a fifth-year student pursuing a BFA in Digital Arts with a minor in Creative Writing. She hopes to find a career in pre-production for 2-D animation or video games, particularly concept art, writing, or storyboarding.

Recording Secretary – Drew Stiles

Drew is a second year digital arts major with a minor in film. He hopes to find a career as a concept artist, illustrator, 3D modeler, and/or story boarder in the gaming or animation industry so he can be apart of creating the things that he has such a deep love for.