Meet the Officers


Josh Drouillard President – Joshua Drouillard

Josh Drouillard is a junior Digital Arts major focusing on 3D Animation.

 Rachel Sykes Vice President – Rachel Sykes

Rachel Sykes is a third year Studio BFA and business management student. She is a nationally recognized artist involved in many on and off-campus art programs, with a focus in drawing and illustration.  Her aspirations for the future include receiving a master’s degree, and working as either a professor, illustrator, and/or project manager.

 Rachel Immel Treasurer – Rachel Immel

Rachel Immel is a junior Digital Arts major with a focus on storyboarding and concept art for movies and television. She has won several awards for her work and loves creating stories through her art. She hopes to eventually work for Pixar or create her own animated series.

Web and Social Media Coordinator  – Matthew England

Matthew England is a junior Digital Arts major.

 Erin Reen PR Secretaries – Erin Reen

 X'zandra Tammerine Recording Secretary – X’zandra Tammerine

X’zandra is a senior Digital Arts major with two minors in Popular Culture and Creative Writing. She aspires to gain more knowledge of digital medias and working towards learning more about character design and development.

Trip Coordinator – Marisa Kreinbihl

Marisa Kreinbihl is a junior Digital Arts major.